This time I’m looking for someone to supplement our development team.

Product, check

We now have a product which will be rolled out in a couple of versions very soon. Next phase is packaging, tuning and above all accommodating new features as we begin to get user feedback. As with the previous phase this is indeed going to be very exiting. We will be implementing new features and we have a couple of very exiting new products coming online during the next quarter.

To help us do all this we are looking to hire one full-time developer with a focus on javascript and Python mostly on the backend in a Linux environment.

The tasks we need to solve in the next couple of months span areas such as:

  • Our Node web backend

    • Implementing REST endpoints in Node/javascript.

    • Making sure our database is well looked after.

  • The backend

    • Our backend uses Python to interface the front-end with the backend.

    • It would be a definite plus if you know a bit of C or C++.

    • Everything runs on the Linux platform.

Still interested?

Contact me on Twitter or send me an email on hg [at]

Company website

A link to our site: Rá and remember to follow us on @Raiteas.


I will keep this open until we have found suitable candidates.

And as usual, I’m interested in hearing from individuals, no recruitment agencies, please.

Regards, Henrik