This is a reposting of my previous attempt to hire some extra help. I’ll be a bit more specific and hopefully make the description a lot more interesting and attractive.

Prototype, check

I have been all too busy working on the first prototype which is now done. We will be moving onto the next phase now, implementing the real thing - exciting. I will be looking to hire one or two full-time developers, but have many different and interesting tasks that might be of interest to a not completely green student.

The tasks we need to solve in the next couple of months span areas such as:

  • Webdesign and branding.
* You would collaborate with my danish colleague. * The rough edges of a communications plan is in place, but otherwise it’s all green fields.</del>
  • The UI is a javascript web application

    • Think up-to-date 2014 browser application, built around AngularJS.

    • Prototype done in Node/Express and so will the initial version be.

    • Lots of user interaction, not a static site.

  • The backend

    • Compiler technology

    • Hardcore C/C++ programming and then some.

    • Databases, large datasets.

  • Cloud administration, this thing will live and breathe in the clouds.

Still interested?

Contact me on Twitter or send me an email on jobs [at]

Project teaser…

No more teasing, here is a link to our site: Rá and remember to follow us on @Raiteas.


I will keep this open until we have found suitable candidates.

And as usual, I’m interested in hearing from individuals, no recruitment agencies, please.

Regards, Henrik