I work at Motosumo where I’m a part of our development team. This means writing AWS backed applications, mostly using Python, with a bit of Elixir sprinkled in for good measure. But, there is also the odd react-native frontend work, and from time-to-time I’m frantically trying to make bluetooth devices work with our app. We are a fairly small tech-team, which means you get to do a bit of everything.

Before that

I have worked with data warehousing for more than 10 years, and my specialities include Teradata, SQL, BigData and team management. For more information have a look at my LinkedIn profile.


If you would like to contact me, please send me a message via LinkedIn or twitter. I’m also active on the Fast AI forum - which I highly recommend, whether you are interested in machine learning, Pytorch or just learning about new programming tricks.

There is also my Github account, but most of my work happens in private repositories.